Technology News | YouTube ready to launch a new progress bar for videos on Android devices


the Angels [US]Dec 31 (ANI): Video-sharing platform YouTube has announced a major design change just as we’re getting ready to ring in the New Year.

The multimedia website is testing a more subtle video progress bar than the original red one that users have been seeing so far, according to a report by US technology portal 9to5google.

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The bar has, until now, been visible on some Android devices exclusively in the ‘dark theme’ option of the website, seeking to provide a less distracting user interface for viewers.

9to5google reports that the progress bar is “white/grey” in color when playing a video on YouTube’s dark theme. In such a circumstance, YouTube does not take note of the amount of video that has been uploaded.

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When you interact with the debugger or tap to make controls visible, the progress bar reverts to its previous behavior, helping to make the UI disappear.

Outside of the YouTube video player, red still shows up in the main feed, confirming that it’s still the platform’s accent color. The progress bar color change is aimed at improving the viewing experience, according to 9to5google.

Meanwhile, the platform, owned by tech giant Google, earlier began testing its queue system on iOS and Android operating systems.

According to The Verge, an American technology news website, this feature has been available on the web for years and appears in YouTube apps under certain circumstances.

Users who control their Chromecast with their phones can recognize it, as can those who use the YouTube Music app. Now, YouTube Premium users who opt in to the trial will be able to add videos to a stack that acts as an impermanent playlist, according to the outlet.

After enabling the feature, it will allow users to access a new “Play Last in Queue” button in the three vertical dot menu that appears on video thumbnails. (AND ME)

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