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TEWKSBURY — Rhonda Corey is thrilled to open her new doggy daycare in Tewksbury.

“We looked everywhere for a place,” Corey said.

Taking over the former Milestones child care space at MGM Plaza at 1721 Main St., Corey said the new store is exactly what he hoped for. Having recently made Tewksbury his home, Corey knows that there is heavy commuter traffic along Route 38, and that the plaza is busy and visible.

“The area is vibrant,” Corey said.

Corey is embarking on this adventure as a second career. Corey, a former project manager, said there are waiting lists for pet care centers as more and more people return to work.

“People have ‘COVID pups,’ but now they have to go to the office,” Corey said.

She is offering schedules that can work for all kinds of situations. The daycare is open from 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

“We have clients who work in Tewksbury and bring their pets here,” Corey said, noting that dog owners have trouble finding cover for their pet early in the morning when they have to leave for work in Tewksbury.

With many people working from home, Corey said the need is also great for pet coverage that gives the owner time to work without interruption.

“We know that people may need care on a varied schedule, and we can accommodate that,” Corey said.

Working with a trainer, Corey has a behavior assessment that he uses with each dog so that the best experience can be created for the pet. Some dogs require quiet, others need naps, and some dogs are older and need special attention. Larger or more active dogs will benefit from the outdoor fenced play yard. The outdoor space has sand and is perfect for dogs that like to dig.

Corey hopes to get more involved in the community. StellaDoggo offers teacher and professor discounts, as well as first aid discounts, and has half-day and full-day passes. Snacks are provided and StellaDoggo welcomes dogs of all ages.

Corey’s own dogs, Charli and Buster, are on site and ready to welcome new clients, be they puppies or mature dogs. And as for the name? StellaDoggo is named after Sirius the Dog Star, the brightest star in the night sky.

The company logo is a star with Charli’s silhouette superimposed on it.



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