TOMTOM surprises Jos with ‘Breathe For It’ Summit 2.0


The “Breathe For It” Summit 2.0, the second in the series and the first planned for this year, was held in Jos, Plateau State, in recognition of the evolution of music culture in that part of the country. The theme was “Bars and Beats: Rap and Afrobeat” and hundreds of young creatives from the Plateau and neighboring states attended.

Panelists at the Jos summit included jesse jagzsongwriter and rapper; akinyemi ayinoluwa, entertainment lawyer; Rosemary Ofoegbuentertainment business consultant; fiammari zoaka, talent and events manager; and tamunosaki romeomusic business executive

The panelists discussed areas around the theme of the summit and the entertainment industry, such as songwriting, music promotion, performance and collaboration, copyright and legal aspects of the music business, management of artists and the management of musical events. They also provided relevant information (challenges and opportunities) on the dynamics of the Nigerian music business market and answered questions from the attendees on specific areas of personal interest.

Brand Manager (Gum & Candy), Cadbury West Africa, joan odafewho was present at the summit, said: “The Nigerian music industry is currently one of the most thriving entertainment sectors globally, with a host of talented young creatives looking for opportunities to start or grow their careers. Through the summit, we are able to fulfill our social mission of nurturing young creatives in the Nigerian music industry and providing a platform that supports their career growth. The theme “Bars and Beats: Rap and Afro Beats” was carefully chosen to recognize the leaps and bounds of Nigerian rap and Afrobeat artists around the world.

A highlight of the event was the freestyle rap battle and singing competition in which the winners were rewarded with gifts courtesy of TomTom.

Nigerian rapper, record producer and songwriter Jesse Jagz praised TomTom’s decision to host the event in Jos.

In his words: “Jos is a city full of potential superstars and talent. The work that TomTom is doing to bring these talents closer to the knowledge that will elevate their journey is commendable. He not only recognizes musical talent, but also opens the doors to a world of collaboration and partnerships for these creatives.”

entertainment Lawyer, Akinyemi Ayinoluwareiterated the importance of a strong brand identity for upcoming artists.

“The two most essential assets for a recording artist or music creative are the music you create and your identity. It’s important to constantly work on those two assets and seize opportunities that allow your assets to shine. This will, over time, draw audience attention to your craft and lead to people investing in you.” he said.

The “Breathe For It” Summit is part of TomTom’s efforts to foster youth creativity across the country, in recognition of Nigeria’s music export and commitment to helping young people thrive in their passion spots identified. The summit is an integral component of TomTom’s larger “Breathe for It” campaign, launched in 2021 to help young creatives build skills in a key passion area: music.

Mondelēz International helps people snack in more than 150 countries around the world. With global net revenue of approximately $28.7 billion in 2021, it is one of the largest snack food companies in the world. They also manufacture and sell gum and candy, as well as various dairy and grocery products and powdered drinks in select markets. It operates in more than 80 countries and is present in West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana) as Cadbury Nigeria Plc. Makers of TomTom (Classic Menthol & Freshlime), Cadbury candies (Buttermint, Coffee & Caramel), Bournvita, Hot Chocolate 3in1 and Bournvita Biscuits.

The Breathe For It Summit is an annual gathering of music business professionals and young creatives courtesy of TomTom, Nigeria’s leading mint brand.

It is one of the initiatives of the brand’s social mission to nurture young creatives and music enthusiasts in the music industry with the knowledge to thrive in their musical careers. The summit offers information on the latest trends, best practices and emerging technologies in the music industry.


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