Watch Sambasa Nzeribe, Nimi Adekanmbi and Osas Okonyon in the short film ‘EFF’D’


Entitled EFF’D (Blighted Dreams in Shades of Magenta), the short film produced by Oluwatobi Aworinde follows Ore, who “armed with nothing but guts and cruel intentions, sets off for a late-night romp at the secret apartment of the powerful Lagos politician Kola Roberts.

“As the night wears on, Ore’s refusal to heed her best friend’s warning leads to a horrific turn of events that forces her to come to terms with the woman she has become.”

Speaking about the movie, director Lawani Akinyemi shared; “EFF’D was born out of the need to do more than just observe a social evil, in this case, sexual violence and predatory behavior.

“This has been a long-running conversation that doesn’t seem to get much attention other than the initial rumour.

“The short film follows a realistic angle of this issue and how it plays out mostly in real life, especially when there is an obvious game/imbalance of power and disparity in social class as well as age.

EFF’D stars Sambasa Nzeribe, Nimi Adekanmbi, and Osas Okonyon with Chinedu Obuekwe and Lawani Akinyemi credited as writers.


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