WhatsApp will soon get this amazing feature in iOS 16


WhatsApp may soon bring a feature that will let you edit sent messages, just like iPhone iMessage after the iOS 16 update.

Apple recently released its latest version of iOS 16 for all iPhone users, which implemented a bunch of nifty features. One of them is a boon for those who make frequent typos or even accidentally send messages. With the arrival of iOS 16, iPhone users can make changes to sent messages and even unsend the message. Now, WhatsApp is on its way to bring a similar feature. WhatsApp update tracker WabetaInfo has confirmed that WhatsApp is now working on bringing the ability to edit messages in a future update to the desktop app. This feature has been discovered in the latest beta version of Android.

“It’s been a long time since the last news about editing messages, but we finally have something new to share with you. Fortunately, the development of the feature that allows us to edit messages has not been abandoned and WhatsApp still plans to implement it in a future version of the app,” WabetaInfo mentioned in a blog post.

Along with the good news, the WhatsApp tracker also shared a screenshot showing that WhatsApp is developing a new view that allows people to enter the text that will replace the original sent message, just like the iMessage feature with the update. iOS 16. Unfortunately, as the feature is under development, the details about the time window to allow WhatsApp users to edit the message with this upcoming feature is still unknown at this time.

Aside from this, the report says that “an edit history should not be available, but since this feature is in development, it may be implemented before the feature is released in the future. In any case, we’ll let you know when we find out anything else.”

When will you get this message editing feature on your WhatsApp? Still unknown! But you can expect new developments soon in this upcoming feature.


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