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Director Vysakh, who directed the blockbuster movie ‘Pulimurugan’, assures us that ‘Monster’ is nothing like ‘Pulimurugan’. If ‘Pulimurugan’ is a mass commercial film, ‘Monster’ is an investigative thriller.

“Ever since I announced ‘Monster,’ everyone wants to know if the movie will be above or below ‘Pulimurugan.’ This question really doesn’t matter when it comes to a movie like ‘Monster’.

It is impossible to compare it with ‘Pulimurugan’. ‘Pulimurugan’ was a completely commercial film for the masses. Whereas ‘Monster’ is an organically flowing thriller. There are different types of suspense novels. You can call it an investigative thriller.

The film will be an edge-of-the-seat thriller. We have also tried to make it as entertaining as possible. As far as I’m concerned, ‘Monster’ is a different movie. We (the writer Udayakrishna and myself) have not explored such a script or creation before.

It was the content that inspired us to make the film. ‘Monster’ has a very interesting script. But you can only invest in the film if you show a little patience. The narration is not fast. We all decided to be a part of this film because of its theme,” says director Vysakh.

The action scenes are very different in Monster: Mohanlal

According to Mohanlal, the action choreography of his next film, ‘Monster’, directed by Vysakh, will be very different. The film has two stunt scenes, and it has been a while since such an action-oriented film has appeared in Malayalam. Mohanlal was answering a question about the action choreography in ‘Monster’. The video was shared by the actor on his social networks.

“Who said the movie had action? So far we have not revealed the action sequences of the film. The trailer shows very few action scenes. But it’s been a while since such an action-oriented film has been in Malayalam cinema. The type of action styles, methods and antagonists used in the film are different. A lot of effort and care went into choreographing these scenes, even more so because these stunts needed to be performed with caution.

There are two fights in ‘Monster’. And both are very different. I think the public will be able to enjoy them,” says Mohanlal.

Mohanlal, Vysakh and Udayakrishna last collaborated on ‘Pulimurugan’, which happened to be the first 100 crore Malayalam film. Naturally, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of their second collaboration. This big budget film is produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the banner of Aashirwad films.

Other actors include Siddique, Lakshmy Manchu, Honey Rose, Sudev Nair, Ganesh Kumar, Lena, etc. Mohanlal plays a character named Lucky Singh. Satheesh Kurup is the director of photography and Deepak Dev has done the music. Other credits are as follows: Shameer Muhammed (editing), Stunt Silva (stunts), Sidhu Panackal (production controller), Sujith Sudhakaran (costumes), Bennet M Varghese (photos), Aneesh Upasana (promotional photos), Anand Rajendran (designer advertising). ).


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