World Post Day: Trade union tasks for stakeholders in the fight against climate change


1 The general director, Universal Postal Union (UPU)Masahiko Metoki has urged postal stakeholders to take concrete action to reduce climate change and other environmental challenges facing the world.

two Mekoki affirmed this on Sunday through a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria in commemoration of World Postal Day 2022 which is celebrated annually on October 9.
He urged the governments of UPU member countries to work with public and private partners to secure climate investments for the postal sector.

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3 Mekoki also called on postal formations to revive the spirit of innovation that has helped them support their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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4 The Director General urged postal teams to build on past experiences to find innovative solutions to reduce carbon footprints.

5 According to him, “combating climate change is not an easy task and let this year’s theme serve as a benchmark for finding appropriate and impactful responses to support communities.

6 “Real action requires real investments, but these investments will pay dividends toward our future.

7 “We can no longer ignore the climate emergency.

8 “The drastic changes in our environment are beginning to have dramatic impacts on our daily lives and livelihoods,” said Mekoki.

9 He also urged users of postal services to support the sector and work to build a better and brighter future.

10 YAYA reports that the theme of this year’s celebration is ‘Post for Planet.

To mark the day NIPOST Simultaneously hosted a customer forum at post offices across the country to thank their loyal customers for their continued patronage over the years.

News sourceCredit: NAN

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