5 things to know in Australia today


Happy hump day, an I term single Learned was coined in the 1950s. You’re not here for a history lesson, so let’s focus on tech news.

1. Goal forced to sell Giphy

Two and a half years after gobbling up Giphy, Facebook parent company Meta is forced to spit on the gif-sharing company again. The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) ruled that Meta’s purchase of Giphy was anti-competitive, reaffirming an earlier decision from June. Meta spent $400 on the deal in 2020.

2. New iPads just released

Sparing everyone the agony of a six-hour presentation (and a 3 a.m. wake-up call) that debuted on MacBooks earlier this year. The 10th-generation iPad now features the same “full-screen” design as the iPad. Pro, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini.Apple also updated its range of televisions.

3. Vinomofo latest victim of cyberattack

Wine distributor Vinomofo is the latest Australian company to be the target of a cyberattack, with The Guardian reporting that as a result, names, dates of birth, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and genders of customers are at risk. The report notes that Vinomofo has about 500,000 people on its books, but it’s not clear if all of them were exposed. Vinomofo in an email told customers that he has no identity or financial data such as passports, driver’s licenses or credit card/bank details.

4. Telstra outage plagues calls

Yesterday, many Telstra customers were unable to make calls after a blackout disabled their 4G services. The telco has been very sparse on details of what happened, telling Gizmodo Australia that the problem has been fixed and services are progressively coming back online. Telstra also made one (1) tweet about the outage, which did not give a diagnosis or analysis of what exactly was the problem or what caused it.

5. Robots made from frog cells

The ABC reports that scientists abroad have developed self-propelled robots that are made from living frog cells and replicate through artificial intelligence. A xenobot is basically a “microbiological robot” and is about half a millimeter long. Xenobots have many medical applications, but mainly they can help scientists understand how cells work. This will help them learn more about various human diseases.

BONUS ITEM: The next Sims game has been announced, titled Rene Projectbut it will probably be retitled as The Sims 5 or alone The Sims. Either way, enthusiastic.

See you tomorrow.


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