Eicher Motors and Stark Future announce strategic collaboration


Automotive firm Eicher Motors Ltd, parent company of Royal Enfield, has announced a strategic collaboration in the electric motorcycle space with Spain-based Stark Future SL. As part of this collaboration, the board of directors of Eicher Motors has approved an investment of 50 million euros for a stake close to 10.35% of the share capital of Stark Future.

Stark Future is a European electric motorcycle manufacturer with a specific focus on the area of ​​high performance electric motorcycles.

With this investment, Eicher Motors Ltd. will have a seat on the Stark Future board and will explore further opportunities to collaborate in the electric mobility space. “This investment is of strategic importance to both Royal Enfield and Stark Future, as both companies are highly committed to creating innovative and sustainable solutions in global mobility,” he said.

Stark Future recently launched its first high-performance electric motocross bike, the Stark VARG, which has received exceptional response from the global media, professional riders and dealers.

Eicher Motors managing director Siddhartha Lal said: “We believe Stark Future has the most potential for real growth in the EV leisure space with this model, and the potential to use this strong foundation to expand into other adjoining segments and beyond”.


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