Enock Mwepu: “They thought I was lying” – Zambia Manager George Lwandamina


Details of people’s initial reaction to Enock Mwepu’s diagnosis of his heart condition have emerged.

The 24-year-old announced his immediate retirement from football on Monday morning, following extensive cardiac investigations by Brighton’s medical team.

Mwepu, who is a Zambian international, has seen an outpouring of love from various sports personalities as the former RB Salzburg player calls the end of his involvement in the sport.

Speaking about the development, Zambian national team coach George Lwandamina detailed the reaction of some people within the national team setup when Mwepu’s condition was first discovered during the last international break.

Lwandamina said brilafm as reported by live football that ‘some people’ believed that Mwepu was proud, due to his status as a Premier League player, when he failed in national team duty.

The Zambian coach said: “Some people didn’t think he had any health problems, but they thought he felt ‘cocky’, not humble enough to play for the national team as a top league player.”

Lwandamina further stated that Mwepu would be greatly missed in the Zambian national team setup, stating that the Brighton star’s qualities cannot be replaced.

“His early retirement is a loss for the country and his individual qualities cannot be replaced even if other players can fill the role,” said the Zambian coach.

“I haven’t been able to get in touch with him because his phone lines have been disconnected, which is understandable, probably to avoid too much publicity of the situation.”

Mwepu has yet to reveal his life plans after retiring from football.


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