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The 2022 Major League Baseball postseason is underway, so it’s time to start thinking about which World Series we’d like to see.

At the start of the Postseason, there are 36 potential pairings. As the story progresses, thirty-five of these will look highly unusual placed next to this season’s double-pennant Fall Classic logo, with only one remaining cemented in the memories of two fan bases and those obsessed with memorizing the World Series results over the years. .

Here are the 36 possible World Series matchups at the start of the postseason:

Several possible World Series rematches here, including the last two Fall Classics (2021 Astros/Braves and 2020 Rays/Dodgers), the 2000 Subway Series (Mets/Yankees), the Blue Jays’ previous two appearances in the World Series could happen again (Phillies, Braves), same with the Rays, who could also pair up again with Philadelphia (or the aforementioned Dodgers). The Padres could play in the Bronx again, like they did in 1998, and the Braves could again face the Yankees, Blue Jays, Astros or Cleveland. How about another Dodgers/Astros World Series? That would be very interesting, or we look much further back in history and maybe add another Dodgers/Yankees or Cardinals/Yankees matchup.

I’ll update this post as the postseason progresses; crossing off all those matchups that are no longer possible as teams bite the dust along the way. In the meantime, share the matchups you’d like to see in the comments below.


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