Here are 3 comfortable and stylish alternatives to plus size leggings!


That’s how seductive the dark arts of dressing comfortably are. On a day off, they slowly draw you into their clutches. “Hey, the dog has diarrhea, I’m just going to put on some leggings and a sweatshirt to walk her in the middle of the night.” But then night turns to day, and the plus size leggings stay on…and so on.

Until they’re all you wear. Leggings… and now, that’s all you’ll ever wear. You have been addicted and obsessed with this comfort for weeks! Weeks turn into months and months into years. Everyday leggings… even plus size leggings as pants.

You are addicted to leggings.

Now, DON’T get us wrong… We too enjoy a few pairs of plus size leggings, especially now that we’re about to drop. But, we owe it to ourselves and maybe even the economy to look beyond our favorite stretch pants.

I mean, we NOW we have plus size fashion options! You deserve to walk in front of a mirror, wink and have a light step, because, dammityou look good, and dammit, you’re worth it

Many of us wear leggings nonstop because of the comfort and ease, DUH. But what if we could show you that there are garments just as comfortable, that provide comfort, fashion and style?

It is true!

Here are three alternatives to plus size leggings

The plus size jumpsuit

I offer you the monkey.

Curve casual tie waist lounge jumper jumpsuit in black at

But not just any monkey, a relaxed monkey. A jumpsuit with casual style, that moves with you. A jumpsuit that looks classy but is as comfy as sitting on your couch finishing a Doritos dinner without a bra. Chic minimalism meets pajama comfort in the Javan jumpsuit.

You can rock it Scandinavian with a sleek low ponytail and the season’s trending flat mules. Or, you can dress it up with bold accessories and matching heels. Or keep it casual with a denim jacket and a pair of flats. The second best part of this jumpsuit might be the price…

The plus size maxi dress

The jumpsuit has an even simpler cousin called a maxi dress.

Feeling Luxe Ribbed High Neck Sleeveless Maxi Skater Dress With Pockets - Black
Feeling Luxe Ribbed High Neck Sleeveless Maxi Skater Dress With Pockets at

Mrs. Maxi doesn’t care if you haven’t shaved your legs or underarms or even if your hair is 99% dry shampoo. Ms. Maxi just wants to get you from point A to point B in comfort and style. There’s no need to struggle to find a flowy top and bottom: Ms. Maxi by Rebdolls is a one-and-done ensemble.

Ms. Maxi is your drink girl with statement earrings and a chain strap bag. Mrs. Maxi is her escort to an informal wedding along with a matching wrap. Mrs. Maxi is your friend from Target Run in ballet flats and a high bun.

Ms. Maxi is your new ride or die. You look very dressed up, but you feel like you’re cheating, how can this level of comfort be so elegant?

Plus Size Ponte Knit Pants

I get it. You still miss your plus size leggings in a big way. Well, let me introduce you to the evolution of the legging, the ponte knit pant.


Think of a leggings/pants hybrid, a “pants” or maybe a “pegging”? Made with a thick stretch fabric, you get your comfort and a sartorial lift. In fact, these ponte knit pants from Torrid are office appropriate when styled correctly.

Heck, Torrid even offers blazers in this manufacture, so you can literally wear a suit while getting cozy in stretchy pants post-Thanksgiving. And unlike leggings, they are pants and the outfit can be adjusted accordingly. (ie: tuck in shirts, etc.)

You can run errands, go to PTA meetings, make presentations at work; all while secretly laughing at how ridiculously comfortable you are. Pair it with a blouse and dainty earrings for days when you need your A-game. Throw on a tunic, robe and booties for days off.

So there you have it.

Three style pivots to up your game while keeping things wearable, comfortable and on-trend…While every garment has a time and a place, we can all get stuck and need a gentle kick in the caboose to freshen up our look .

Consider this that push. Live life beyond the hoodie, plus size leggings and flip flops!

What do you think about leggings?
Do you find yourself trying to get out of them or looking for more?


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