How Nathaniel Bassey’s Hallelujah Challenge Impacted Corporate Worship


Nathaniel Bassey should be labeled as the leading Christian influencer in Nigeria.

the hallelujah challenge was a month-long praise and prayer session that took place in June 2017 from 12am to 1am on Bassey’s Instagram live. More than 68,000 people from all over the world joined her direct.

While outsiders saw it as a frivolous waste of time, believers of the Christian faith arrived day after day.

The challenge was so successful that there was a hallelujah carnival and a hallelujah medley, a collection of popular songs sung during the live sessions.

Bassey is an irrefutable trendsetter in the gospel space because he was one of the first people to start live religious gatherings (minus the live broadcast of Sunday church services) through social media instead of a gathering. physics, and it worked.

You may recall that earlier this year, Nathaniel posted an image with the word ‘Jesus’ written in red on a white background, and it was trending everywhere on social media.

Many people changed their displayed images and posted them in their statuses. It was a religious movement like we had never seen before.

Critics were incensed that posting a picture of ‘Jesus’ actually does nothing, but the move rose above their criticism.

In the midst of this, Nathaniel has announced via his Instagram that the Hallelujah challenge will return from October 17-26. It is labeled, ‘display your instrument of praise’.

Will there be a massive turnout like in the past? Even though YouTube live streaming is popular right now, will the popularity of gospel musician live streaming on social media platforms increase after this?

We look forward to seeing the impact this year hallelujah challenge.


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