Massy describes reports of cybersecurity incidents as “speculative and inaccurate”


On April 28, 2022, Massy Stores and Massy Distribution Trinidad experienced a cybersecurity incident.

Responsibility, honesty and integrity are core values ​​of the Massy Group that guide our operations, our people and the way we do business.

We take our duty to those we serve very seriously. Privacy and data protection, as well as the obligations we have as a data controller in all the countries in which we operate, is paramount. In response to the cybersecurity incident, we immediately engaged experts in the field to help investigate. As part of the incident response plan, we notify all potentially affected parties of the incident given the information available to us at the time.

Through the ongoing investigation of the cybersecurity incident, we are now aware that the data illegally accessed by the attackers was more extensive than the preliminary stages of the investigation indicated. As such, and as a matter of urgency, the company will take steps to identify and notify any additional parties whose information has been accessed illegally.

We would like to caution that much of the information being shared publicly about this cybersecurity incident is speculative and inaccurate. We have created official communication channels and encourage anyone with concerns to contact us directly through the channels listed below.

We thank our teams for their resilience and commitment to being of service. We also thank our stakeholders who have trusted us for the last 100 years, confident that as companies within the Massy Group, we will always operate from a place of integrity.

You may contact cyberqueries.tt@massydistribution.com or cyberqueries.tt@massystores.com if you have any questions or concerns.


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