Iniesta warns Barcelona before the clash against Inter Milan


Iniesta tells Xavi what Barcelona should do against Inter Milan.

Ahead of the second leg, Barcelona need a convincing win to move past Inter Milan to second place in the group behind Bayern Munich.

Andrés Iniesta has now given advice to his former team on how to overcome the challenge they face at Inter Milan.

Iniesta, one of the legendary midfielders in the club’s history, took stock of his season so far.

He said: “From a distance, it seems to me that, around Barcelona, ​​there is a certain emotional instability.

“Victories give a lot of morale, but a single defeat is enough for doubts to return, to lower the general spirit”.

And he added: “It’s vital that Barça win on Wednesday to stay alive in the Champions League. It’s a crucial game. Inter has a great team and Barcelona will have a hard time.”

“Xavi is complaining about the arbitration calls he made against Inter? In my opinion, the plays that were discussed were clear.

“And given the importance of the game, when decisions hit you, you get hit negatively.”

Barcelona hosts Inter Milan at the Spotify Camp Nou on Wednesday, September 12, 2022.


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