KCee is coming full circle with ‘Ojapiano’ 10 years after ‘Limpopo’


The year was 2013 and KCee was in weird shape. He had his eyes set on the top of the African music industry, and to achieve his ascension, he linked up with star producer Del B, who was equally in top form. The result is a combination of a catchy beat, a stunning melody and a swaggering delivery for a record that would be called ‘limpopo’ after the famous south african river.

For KCee, the intention was to reach out to other parts of the continent as he sought to brand himself as a superstar. Locally, his music was already dominating speakers, as he had collaborated with major stars, and his E-Money movement was making quite a statement in the soundscape.

Whatever his intentions, nothing could have prepared him for the great success of ‘limpopo’ while rising to national fame before penetrating international markets.

‘limpopo’ propelled KCee to stardom and set him up for the release of his impressive album ‘Take the control’ released in November 2013 and which had the heavyweights in magician, daviddo, Flavor, D’banj, Timayaand don jazzy.

When research is done on impressive year-long runs in Afrobeats, KCee’s 2013 domination will surely be on the list.

10 years after he borrowed creatively from South Africa for his hit record ‘Limpopo,’ KCee is coming full circle with ‘Ojapian’ which is a rare and exciting blend of Igbo folk music and South African era dominating ‘piano sound’.

On June 3, 2023, KCee launched ‘Ojapian’ in which he combines the iconic “OJA” flute, which is a key part of indigenous Igbo music, with Amapiano wooden drums.

The single already enjoyed a warm impression, garnering over 440,000 videos on Tik Tok in less than a week in what is unprecedented for Afrobeats.

Since gaining massive mainstream fame with ‘Limpopo’, KCee constantly evolved and expanded his talent to create different sounds.

From an Afrobeats star, he would switch to focus on the oriental music industry, where he adjusted his style and delivered he ‘Eastern Conference’ record that marked that era.

He would also enjoy impressive success as a Highlife star with his collaboration with the Okwesili Group. Her exploration of Highlife spanned both secular and gospel music as she released the hit Gospel EP. ‘Cultural praise’ before balancing it with the secular counterpart ‘culture vibe’.

KCee is returning to the mainstream and this time she brings the two elements that define her art. His combination of Igbo folk music with the mainstream sound of Amapiano is already bringing much needed excitement to the scene.

10 years after he dazzled listeners with ‘Limpopo’, KCee is coming full circle with ‘Ojapian,’ and there’s no limit to the potential of your new sound.


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