‘No Days Off’ is the latest piece of Teni’s rebranding


Teni’s arrival on the scene was heralded by the natural appeal that stems from her talent and ease with relationships, and as various artists struggle to make the transition from internet sensation to music star, Teni was able to become a mainstay in the Afrobeat scene.

This piece looks at Teni’s rebranding over the years, which now appears to be complete with the release of their recent single. ‘No days off’.

Teni had his big break in 2018 and had a great run of success (‘Case’, ‘Askamaya’, ‘Uyo Meyo’) which culminated in their win for Best Pop Song and Record of the Year at the 2019 Headies Awards.

Her introduction into the mainstream would make her the lovable music star loved for her captivating music and sense of humor.

After becoming famous, Teni would continue to maintain her reputation as a fan favorite while using her social media to offer the playful side that preceded her rise to the mainstream.

As Teni grew in fame, this playful side would slowly begin to wane as he continued to produce his signature records.

When he released his debut album ‘Wonderland’ in 2021, he greatly reduced the display of the lovable personality listeners were familiar with and this invariably affected consumers’ appreciation and interaction with music.

This subtle rebrand would continue until 2022, where she underwent an impressive weight loss journey before returning with new singles that were again overshadowed by her drastic physical alteration.

After constantly shedding the old parts of herself, Teni is now ready to completely kill off the old body and present listeners with a new superstar with complete artistic changes.

Teni’s weight loss journey was the first major marker for fans who might not have been aware of her rebranding.

With her new look, she became partly unknown to a section of fans whose appreciation for her music extends well beyond her looks. This was similar to the public introspection Adele underwent at the hands of some fans after losing weight.

Teni also vowed to replicate her physical rebranding into an artistic alteration that transcends her musical and fashion style.

Her style has noticeably shifted from casual wear to a more alternative style that balances unisex streetwear with an occasional offering of feminine energy.

While she retired from the scene even before her weight loss journey, her personality changed from adorable to more stylish and laid back and is starting to become more obvious to fans.

Musically, Teni seems to be heading into a new era where his alternative fashion would be replicated in his music that combines conventional elements with alternative twists.

His last single and only release of 2023 ‘No days off’ is an African mix of the Jersey club genre with roots in New Jersey, which is a portrait of Teni’s Western influences.

It also conveys the look of a combination of Yoruba Tungba drumming with electronic elements and fast BPM already familiar in the alternative scene through artists like odunsi.

And while Teni isn’t likely to attempt to become an alternative act, she is intent on delivering a distinctive sound that sets her apart from her contemporary.

This intention can be deduced from his comments in an Instagram live session where he brazenly affirms the obvious sonic monotony in the industry and his undoubted ability to offer something different.

‘No days off’ it’s the latest piece of a rebranding that’s been going on for a couple of years. Even her Instagram bears no sign of the old Teni and her oldest post marks the dawn of a new era.

From her personality changes to her physical, stylistic, and artistic alterations, the pieces are now complete for fans to join Teni on a new adventure.


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