Outrage at being searched unconscious Rico Swavey by health assistants


The heartbreaking video, which first appeared on Twitter, is currently trending on the platform with Tweeps calling out hospital attendants for making videos of Swavey as he was fighting for his life.

After the triggering video, social media users shared their harrowing experience with government-run hospitals.

“Faaaaaaaaaaam I was in Luth with a 5 hour baby on oxygen at 3am you meet regular Nigerians…[sic]”

“On Christmas Eve 2020, it was in Luth with an old man who had just received oxygen from a private hospital. The doctors in Luth stopped us for over 30 minutes b4 and came to confirm who had died and who they would admit. Three people died while we waited. It took an hour to be admitted after payment.”

Patrick Fakoya, popularly known as Rico Swavey, died Thursday after sustaining fatal injuries in a car accident. The reality star was reportedly unresponsive before the death, which was announced by BBNaija star Tobi Bakre.

This is not the first time that a celebrity death has been attributed to the negligence of healthcare workers and a failing healthcare system in Nigeria.

In April 2022, Yoruba actor Remi Shitta-Bey made a video insisting that Ikorodu General Hospital had a role to play in the death of comic actor Kunle Adetokunbo, better known as Dejo Tunfulu.


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