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Steubenville Police

I Can’t Get Them Out: A Dresden Avenue resident reported issues with a woman who has stayed with the family for “numerous months,” Friday. The police were told that there has been “an ongoing domestic dispute” between family members and women. The resident dismissed eviction proceedings because the family is days away from moving out, but called police Saturday to report that he had put a family member and two friends on a separate lease, but the other residents were They refused to let them enter the property. . That officer said that he is now “a civil matter and should be handled accordingly.”

Bigmouth: A resident of the city told the police a neighbor “continually bangs on the wall (which they share) and yells insults at them and threatens to kill them,” Friday. Police were unable to contact the neighbor.

Teaching Moment: Someone reported seeing a motorist following a minor walking down North Sixth Street on Friday. The police saw the driver following the young man and discovered that he was the young man’s guardian. She said that she walked to school as punishment for her behavior at home.

Wrong place: Residents in the 900 block of Oxford Boulevard were concerned that two men who knocked on their door wanted to come in Sunday. One homeowner said she asked them what they wanted but was unable to hear their response through the door, saying that although neither of them tried to force the door or threaten her, she thought her picture had been taken inside her house. While they were talking to her, one of the men came up and told police they were looking for a missing cell phone and her “find my phone” app took them to the residence, but once he saw the age of the residents he realized he wouldn’t be there.

Shooting: Callers reported seeing a man carrying a BB gun on the highway walking between houses on Friday. Police tracked down the man, a minor, who told them that he had been shooting at soda cans.

Shady: Callers reported that two men were going door to door in the 1800 block of Oregon Avenue, posing as representatives of Tide Detergent, on Friday. They had left when the police arrived.

Bottom hit: A motorist said she was on her way to work on US Route 22 when she hit a pile of debris on the road Saturday. She told police the pile of debris damaged the undercarriage of her car and the check engine light came on. She said she lost pressure and the vehicle stalled, and later discovered that the oil pan under her vehicle was punctured.

Send it packing: A city resident told police he was driving downtown when the father of his son grabbed his face Saturday. She said she parked and they continued to argue on the sidewalk, and at one point he grabbed her and pushed her against the side of a building.

Party’s over: Neighbors complained about a rowdy party in the 1900 block of Majestic Circle on Sunday. Officers located the rowdy party and the host, who was advised to turn down the music and silence his guests. Most of them left, police said.

Pay: The Midtown Speedway clerk told police two young men entered the store and opened and partially consumed the food without paying for it on Sunday. When the clerk asked them to pay, he said they refused and left the store.

Reserved: Two city residents were taken into custody after a traffic stop on Washington Street, west of Steel Avenue, on Sunday. Police said the driver, Winston C. Buice, 37, 37, 1327 Euclid Ave., Apt. 1, is being held on an outstanding warrant in Coweta County, Georgia. He was also cited for a turn signal violation. Her passenger, Ashley Alexander, 29, from the same address, was booked for possession of drug paraphernalia, a crack pipe with residue on it that police allegedly found hidden in a cigarette pack in her pocket. The two were reportedly seen at a downtown gas station. “to snort something through a straw”, Police said, adding that Buice denied using drugs and that no contraband was found on him.

Petty: A Highland Avenue resident said her boyfriend damaged two vehicles she owned Saturday. She was gone before the police arrived.

Cited: Britni Carmine, 27, 214 Petrick Ave., Steubenville, speeding; Crystal M. Hoover, 28, 226 Steuben St., Mingo Junction, speeding; John F. Cost Jr., 68, red light violation; Daniel M. Badger, 26, 526 Cedar Ave., Steubenville, DHE and fail to yield.

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