Apple working on iOS 17: what to expect?


Image Source: ARCHIVE Apple working on the new iOS 17- Everything you can expect

Apple is reportedly working on the development of its new revamped operating system – iOS 17. The new software update along with the other updates will be released this year at upcoming Apple events, or maybe before the iPhone 15 launch. .

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Some of the tech giant’s open source documentation referencing iOS 17 has received updates, according to reports from 9To5Mac.

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Every year, Apple Inc. begins adding references to its upcoming line of updates for iOS, macOS, and watchOS updates to its various open source repositories.

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Future versions are frequently referred to as “TBA” by the manufacturer of the iPhone to hide their actual version numbers.

The following operating systems are expected to be unveiled at the WWDC in June this year: iOS 17, macOS 14, watchOS 10, iPadOS 17, and tvOS 17.

The release of the company’s Reality Pro headset, which will give the company’s lineup an all-new operating system, is expected to coincide with this year’s updates.

However, the tech giant has yet to reveal WWDC dates and it’s still unclear if the conference will be a hybrid face-to-face and virtual event like last year or a fully face-to-face event, according to the report.

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