Port Harcourt gives birth to a new Afrobeat group on the rise Myron


Myron’s foray into music began during his school years when he discovered his talent for freestyling and singing, where he wowed his peers with his raw talent and infectious melodies.

Fueled by his passion for music and confidence in his abilities, he took a leap of faith and decided to showcase his skills to a wider audience by sharing his freestyle videos on Instagram, hoping to catch the eye of influencers and industry connoisseurs.

It was during this period that fate smiled on him as he received a major co-signer from renowned influencer Sabinus, propelling him into the spotlight and leading to a significant turning point in his career, his signing to the esteemed label White Lux record label. records.

Drawing inspiration from his experiences growing up on the south side of Port Harcourt, Myron’s music is a compelling blend of introspection and retrospection.

Through his heartfelt melodies and captivating art, he invites listeners to join him on a journey through his reality, painting vivid pictures with his words, allowing them to connect with his emotions and relate to his stories.

His debut single, “Brother Man,” an exquisite fusion of Afrobeats and contemporary sounds, instantly struck a chord with audiences.

The song, which emphasizes the importance of loyalty and caring for each other, received great reception and support, sparking a challenge where people participated in creating their own dance covers and covers of the song and amassed more. than 500,000 views in various music streams. platforms in its first month of release.

The overwhelming success of “Brother Man” placed Myron firmly on the radars of industry elites, who recognized his immense potential and marked him as a rising star to be reckoned with.

In keeping with his vision to inspire and uplift his listeners, Myron is now gearing up to release his highly anticipated debut project, titled “Thought Process.”

The upcoming project promises to be a tour de force, showcasing Myron’s versatility as an artist, his artistic growth, and his ability to seamlessly blend genres and styles with his infectious energy, undeniable charisma, and uplifting lyrics, creating a unique bond between himself and your audience and leaving a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.

In collaboration with a variety of award-winning producers such as Phantom, Krizbeatz and Kel P, who have left an indelible mark on the music industry with their remarkable work, Myron has meticulously crafted a collection of songs that delve into his most intimate thoughts and experiences. . .

From introspective tracks exploring personal growth to infectious anthems celebrating life, the project will leave a lasting impression on fans and critics alike.


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