YouTube pays tribute to Nollywood and African storytelling on Africa Day


This event celebrated the enchanting world of Nollywood and marked the important contributions of African storytelling through film, paying tribute to the creators who bring these narratives to life.

The event welcomed 150 attendees and brought together prominent celebrities and influencers from the Nollywood industry.

Notable guests included veteran actress solo sobowaleAMVCA Comedian of the Year bimbo ademoye, Adeyemi Okanlawon, I must Adedayo alias mr macaroniand Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman. Top Nigerian YouTube content creators such as Apaokagi-Greene Maryam alias taaoomaAMCA Award Winner Samuel Animashaun Perry alias broda shaggiand Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie alias brainjotter also graced the event.

Between the sessions of the event there was a panel discussion that addressed the growth of Nollywood and the potential of digital technology in the industry. The panelists, including ben murphyCEO of Murphy Ben International and AforevoYouTube content creator Taaooma and Nollywood film actress and producer, rahama sadaushared valuable information on how to leverage digital technology for industry growth and scalability.

alex okosiYouTube EMEA Managing Director for Emerging Markets, delivered a speech recognizing the significant impact of Nollywood and the transformative power of storytelling.

He stressed YouTube’s dedication to partnering with Nollywood and serving as a platform where meaningful stories are shared and celebrated globally.

Okosi stated, “Your work is reshaping global narratives about Africa and Nigeria. It’s not just entertainment – ​​it’s powerful, transformative and makes a real difference. The stories you tell and the emotions you evoke resonate with audiences around the world. YouTube is privileged to partner with you and provide a platform where these impactful narratives can be shared and celebrated globally.”

Olumida BalogunActing National Lead at Google Nigeria, she shed light on YouTube’s commitment to supporting and promoting the Nollywood industry through the promotion of films, actors, producers and other industry members.

He described a two-month program designed to spur the growth of Nollywood on YouTube.

Acclaimed actors, talented producers and influential members of the film community enlivened the event, adding to the celebratory atmosphere. The event showcased Africa’s dynamic culture and creativity, emphasizing the important role Nollywood plays in shaping global perceptions and narratives.

In a world filled with diverse stories, YouTube has remained committed to supporting Black creatives around the world, recognizing their valuable contributions to the platform and beyond.

This commitment is exemplified by initiatives like the #YouTubeBlackVoicesFund, a global fund aimed at amplifying Black voices and perspectives and facilitating the creation of new narratives that educate the public about racial justice.

With a feeling of deep gratitude for the creative community, YouTube is dedicated to fostering an environment where diverse voices are heard, respected, and empowered.

As we look forward to supporting Nollywood’s continued growth on the platform, YouTube humbly anticipates the variety of new storytelling that will continue to enrich our global community.


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