Pulse Influencer Awards 2022: Afro-excellence edition


It has only been a year since its inception and that great idea is getting closer to perfection and absolute acceptance, as observed on the night of Saturday, October 15, 2022 at the Queens Park Event Center, Oniru, Lagos State, where PIA put together a bountiful mix. of great vibes, happy connections, great food, great music and of course a shout out to influencers who have broken the mold and done great things in the last year.

Themed ‘Afro Excellence’ and fueled by viable partnerships with brands including ShowMax, Crocs, Tiger Beer and Anker Electronics, among others, Pulse honored influencers in categories including fashion, music, podcasting, photography, food and sports. See full list of winners here.

What stands out above all others is the improvement this year’s event had over last year’s. In the review of Pulse Influencer Awards 2021here is what this writer observed:

“It has to be said that there were teething problems; that’s not unexpected in a concept but packed with so much potential…one hopes that…the organizers of these awards…can recognize the big step they’ve started with, and Vast ground that can still be covered to make the Pulse Influencer Awards an inexcusable force to be reckoned with for years to come.”

Covering a lot of ground towards a well-polished product, it was obvious that a lot of work went into the 2022 iteration of the Pulse Influencer Awards. Anyone at the 2021 event would tell how glaring the differences were. This year’s was better and more dazzling, aided by the decision to give it a theme. Turnout was better, and while the marketing and preparation for this year’s event may [and we suspect will] be improved in the next iteration, due credit must still be given to the organizers for putting on a great show.

In general, perfecting this brilliant idea is a task that the creators of this product seem to enjoy. Last year we discussed the relevance and influence of the Pulse Influencer Awards for years to come. Seeing yesterday’s ceremony lends more credibility and feasibility to that statement. We will not bet against PIA upping the ante even more next year and for years to come.


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