Spectrum Health Lakeland takes on a new name


The former BHSH health system is now called Corewell Health as Spectrum Health and Beaumont Health complete their merger. The new name was announced last week. Corewell Health South President Loren Hamel told WSJM News how they came up with the Corewell name after considering thousands of possibilities.

“At the core of everything we do is health and wellness,” Hamel said. “So it has kind of an obvious connection to how we think about health and healthcare within our community.”

Hamel says it will likely take more than a year for people to get used to the hospital’s new name on Napier Avenue in St. Joseph, which is Corewell Health Lakeland.

“In our neighborhood, we’ve had three and a half brands, and I’m counting BHSH as half a brand, three and a half brands in three and a half years. We knew it was going to be a transition as we integrated into a larger organization. I think it’s going to take a little while for people to feel comfortable with a new name. He always does.

The new Corewell Health signs should appear within the next year. Hamel says that with Spectrum and Beaumont coming together, patients will see better care because of the combined more resources. Corewell now operates three hospitals in Berrien County. In addition to Corewell Health Lakeland, there is Corewell Health Niles and Corewell Health Watervliet.


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