The successor to the Renault Twizy adds autonomy, speed and comfort


Like the Ami, the Duo will be manufactured in Morocco, at the Renault factory in Tangier, and will have a similar installed capacity, some 17,000 units. Stellantis makes the Ami and an Opel variant, the Rocks-e, at its Kenitra plant. The Ami/Rocks-e and Duo have identical front and rear bumpers to reduce production and supply costs.

Stellantis says that it has received around 25,000 orders for Ami since its debut in April 2020.

But the Duo differs from the Ami in several key ways: Like the Twizy, it has motorcycle-style front and rear seats, while the Ami has two side-by-side seats. It is available in a limited speed version for unlicensed drivers (top speed is 45 km/h according to EU rules), but unlike the Ami, there is also a version with a top speed of 80 km/h, which requires a standard automobile license.

Duo customers can’t buy the vehicles (the Ami can be bought outright for around €7,000), but they have the option of a subscription or a minimum three-month lease. Mobilize is particularly targeting fleet owners who might be considering small electric cars, because the Duo’s operating costs will be significantly lower, he says.

The Duo joins three other dedicated Mobilize vehicles.

  • The fully electric Limo mid-size sedan is made in China for shuttle and taxi services, with the first vehicles delivered in Madrid this year.
  • The Bento (expected in 2024) is the cargo version of the Duo, with a single seat and a rear-mounted 1 cubic meter “backpack” box.
  • Finally, the Hippo is a small “last mile” delivery van.


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