Victony is the first Spotify singles artist in Nigeria


‘Dami Hard’, Davido’s smash hit, is a familiar song to just about every Afrobeats fan. Released in 2012 on his debut album, ‘Omo Baba Olowo’the track remains a staple at Afrobeats raves and club nights across Africa.

Speaking about the importance of the song, Victony says:

“Dami Duro is a really beautiful song by Davido. My favorite part of the track is the hook. It’s so bold, it’s so powerful. I really, really love that. With the Spotify Singles version, we wanted to do something really different to make it a classic and give it that disco feel, I would say ‘Grandpa Ebelebe’ style.”

To celebrate the legacy of Nigeria’s rich musical history, Spotify features reimagined interpretations of what many consider to be modern Nigerian classics, performed by select artists. In a first for Spotify Africa, the covers reflect Spotify’s commitment to being the global hub for the discovery and growth of Nigerian music.

To see Victony’s cover of ‘Dami Hard’ and discover more Spotify Singles, music lovers can visit here.


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