Watch the premiere teaser for the short film ‘BOO’D UP’


Produced and written by Gold Gerry with Lotanna Nwose credited as executive producer, the short film follows three friends, Nonso (Taye Arimoro), Vee (Gbubemi Ejeye), and Jeff (Aderinto Stephen), caught up in a complex love triangle.

Jeff, Nonso and Vee have long years of friendship that sometimes takes sexual and romantic forms. After an unpleasant end to their relationship, Nonso leaves the country for Canada and during this time, Jeff and Vee form a romantic relationship with each other. Nonso returns one day professing her unwavering love for Vee, letting her know that he is now ready to commit to her. Vee, who still has a soft spot for Nonso, decides her time at the bar was too short to catch up, so she suggests more.

They leave the bar bright, packed, and excited for what’s to come as Jeff steps out of the darkness and confronts their deceptions and backstabbing. Jeff feels betrayed and wants answers from the two people who matter most to him.

Confirming your premiere in lakesproducer Gold Gerry exclusively shared with Pulse that the short film has kicked off its festival run with screenings in Accra Ghana and Lift Off, an international festival in the UK.


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