What makes digital markets so attractive to gamers?


Gone are the days when you had to take time out of your busy schedule and go shopping. Some people still enjoy this experience, but many have embraced the simplicity of digital marketplaces. Buying in these markets is fast, safe and, in many cases, cheaper. This purchasing model is especially popular with gamers who have transitioned from physical to digital media and enjoy the shopping experience on digital marketplaces like Eneba.

Why should you buy digitally?

It’s much faster than a trip to the store. Do you need a new game? Jump online and browse a digital marketplace. You can do it on your phone! Buy a code and it will be sent to your email instantly. Digital marketplaces also support various payment methods, from credit and debit cards to PayPal. Are you experiencing problems? Contact customer service and they will resolve any issues. No more getting lost in the store or waiting in lines.

What can players buy in the digital markets?

game keys

In the digital markets, you can find basically everything you need to satisfy your gaming needs and desires. From popular pre-orders like FIFA 23 to current wonders like Spider-Man, indie gems and critically acclaimed classics you may never have played, game keys for multiple platforms can be found at much lower prices on digital marketplaces. Old games are particularly cheap.

console subscriptions

Subscription services have become a great way to save money on individual video game purchases, especially for those gamers who want to play as many games as they want or can. Services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra boast huge game libraries and are an ideal way to save tons of money. You subscribe for a certain period of time and you can enjoy all the games in the library for free. The PS Plus Premium tier even offers classic PS1, PS2 and PS3 games if you want to experience some of the best in the business.

Gift cards

Gift cards have become quite a popular and alternative method of paying for your purchases. In digital markets, you can find various cards at lower prices. That means you can buy games on Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation or Steam while spending less money. You can also find gift cards for Google Play, iTunes, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and many more. Gift cards have evolved from representing a gift.

Game Coins and Game Points

Many games nowadays, like Fortnite or Apex Legends, are free to play, but since the games cost a lot of money, you can support the developers by buying game points. Game Points not only add up to developing better quality upgrades for your favorite game, but also add an extra edge to your in-game personality. You can spend game points on cosmetic items for your character or weapons, get new dance moves and customize everything down to the smallest detail. Cosmetic items allow you to express your individuality. And no one wants to look and act like everyone else.

Whatever it is that you, a player, need/want/desire, there is a good chance that digital marketplaces like Eneba have it. Not to mention, you can save quite a bit of money by browsing the wide selection of digital goods, whether they’re game keys, gift cards, or subscriptions for your console.



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