Anikulapo Review: A Look at Kunle Afolayan’s Marvelous Feat [Pulse Contributor’s Opinion]


It’s pretty fast paced and none of the scenes really let you breathe and I think that’s what keeps you glued for so long. Lots of things happen in quick succession, so you’re constantly amazed at how things unfold. The wonderful actors were really able to bring the story to life.

Another main theme in this film has been love. Love is a really dangerous emotion. It blinds, deceives and provokes intentional ignorance. It is a beautiful emotion that, when left unchecked or in its raw form, can be a source of great good or great evil. Love and hate are two very similar emotions.

Both are characterized by extreme passion, so they can change places in the blink of an eye.

History is something that is sure to repeat itself if you don’t learn from it and show it on film. All I can say is that what he did was not surprising. I’m not trying to make excuses to anyone, I’m just saying.

He has been very promiscuous from the beginning, she has been mistreated as the barren queen from the beginning too. Those problems were not resolved; they just got distracted for a while, so they still had to face him again.

People really do this a lot. Leaving an issue aside to face another present or more pressing one is fine, but it does not magically solve the problem left aside. It still has to be resolved or else it will come back to bite you in the back.

Saro and Arolake were lovers, lovers who used each other as a way to escape their realities that they didn’t like. They were lucky to temporarily escape, but those problems reappeared.

Kunle Afolyan is someone I personally admire in this industry. He has done a lot over the years to become one of the greatest in existence and this movie is proof of that. Overall I give the movie an 8 out of 10.

From the skillful cast to the beautiful scenery, the film is one that should serve as a lesson to all that just because one loves doesn’t mean one should be loved. It’s a dangerous world and human beings are naturally selfish, so try not to leave all your cards to anyone.

However, one last thing. Not everyone deserves a second chance at life, not even everyone wants a second chance at life, and death is inevitable.

My question now is, was he getting them out of heaven or hell? Or were their souls still floating? Is there a time limit before it can’t work again? Can it be used on bones or even fossils? Mr. Kunle sir, we need answers.

Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of a Pulse contributor, it does not reflect the views of the company.


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